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Manchurian Candidates & Gang Stalking

“We will direct every resource at our disposal… every tool of intelligence, every instrument of law enforcement, every financial influence, and every necessary weapon of war to the disruption and eventual defeat of terrorism… Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists [targeted individuals]*… Americans should expect a battle unlike any other they have ever seen, not one battle, but a lengthy campaign, some visible, others secret. We will drive terrorists [targeted individuals]* from place to place until there is no refuge or rest. – George W. Bush (Source: Collateral Damage USA: Extremist cells target 350,000 US civilians by Debra Dupree)
* My editorial (translation) – ekk

Organized Gang Stalking White Van Perps

Organized gang stalking is also called predatory gang stalking (predator vs. prey). The prey is sometimes killed — reality! This system has a structure similar to multi-level marketing, a hierarchical structure in the pyramid fashion.

It is much more loosely affiliated than “pyramid” networks but the organization of many boots on the ground, less community organizers, and a few ‘godfathers’ at the top is obvious.

The assaults and attacks come in a myriad of ways but can be identified primarily in three aspects. The first and most obvious is the direct intervention into the targets life by physical presence or simply, the stalking.

The second aspect is the indirect assaults that are executed by negatively affecting all elements of the targets connection to society including financial, medical, educational, career, or anything that would have a paper trail. This aspect involves the character assassination by way of falsification of records and slander to all who have been, are, and will likely be associated with the target including the closest family and friends.

The third aspect is an evolution into a more hideous evil from a historical perspective and is due to the advent and availability of lethal and non-lethal directed energy weapons. This aspect of organized gang stalking is called electronic harassment. This alone is a topic unto itself due to the unimaginable dimensions and technological capabilities of today’s electronic weaponry.

If you’re unfamiliar with electronic harassment caused by directed energy weapons, here are links to sources to acquire directed energy weapons. This is to emphasize the validity of the activity by the mere existence of the weapons. Why these products (weapons) are not outlawed speaks to the government’s involvement in this humanitarian crime.

Directed Energy Professional Society
Information Unlimited (Amazing1.com)

Freemasonry PyramidContinuing, a high level of involvement from secret societies, fraternities, cults, and clubs is the backbone. Freemasonry and other “white masonry” clubs (beer/cigar/do-gooder clubs) as well as unions, fraternities, and cults indoctrinate unsuspecting individuals into gang stalking using peer pressure.

From this mid-level operating force, community organizers, recruiters, and messengers spread their tentacles into municipal governments, businesses, schools, churches, and any other group or willing and naive participant that will join. Instead of street-corner peddlers pushing drugs, these perpetrators deal in lies, character assassination, sabotage, and assault — both physical and psychological.

The modern-day cell phone, with all of its technological capabilities, provides for real-time information sharing on a targets whereabouts, destination, appearance, and ‘value.’ Considering today’s availability and access to cell phones, anyone with a cell phone can be recruited into organized gang stalking from senior citizens to grade school age children. Many involved parents will use their own children as assistants and role players in “perping” a target.

Local emergency professionals as well as postal, shipping, and utility workers, combined with neighbors, work associates, and family — yes, family — can make life a living hell for an individual considered an “undesirable” in the community. The victim now has to navigate  society and a system of stalkers like a harbor seal swimming in shark-infested waters. This system has been perfected into the ideal killing mechanism with silent kill, slow kill, and soft kill being fitting terms.  In its entirety, outright murder, but in its sinister application, it escapes prosecution by plausible deniability.

A slow death by assassination from co-conspirators is achieved by a continuous stream of “soft” blows to both the individual’s body and mind as well as his/her environment. Defamation by slander, isolation by rejection, demoralization by bullying, destabilization by unemployment, and despair by complete poverty and loneliness.

Many victims fall into the psychiatric institution

Many victims fall into the psychiatric institution while others are provoked to rage and are incarcerated. Then of course suicide often follows despair and these numbers as well as those of incarceration or institutionalization are kept suppressed or categorized by some excepted diagnostic title such as schizophrenia.

StalkerFinally, there are a few who are used as Manchurian candidates to fuel the gun control agenda and other invasive government initiatives. Aaron Alexis, Jared Loughner, and possibly James Holmes (he seemed cooperative) being some examples, and now upon further consideration and compelling evidence, Adam Lanza, seeming to fit the profile, but more aptly a diabolical government propaganda stunt.

Basically, the onslaught of psychological attacks is trauma-based mind control. So some of these individuals fall into the hands of CIA-connected psychiatrist who then phase in the element of psychotropic medication to create the optimum mind-controlled slave or ‘Manchurian candidate.

by Keith Kampschaefer (12/31/2013)

“The government encouraged the manufacture and importation of military firearms for criminal use. This was intended to foster a feeling of insecurity, which would lead the American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against firearms. Using drugs and hypnosis on mental patients in a process called Orion, the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire on schoolyards and thus inflame the antigun lobby. This plan is well under way, and so far is working perfectly. The middle class is begging the government to do away with the 2nd amendment.” — Bill Cooper (from Behold a Pale Horse)

A System of Persecution used by Popes
He prohibits all dealings with so called “heretics,” all traffic and communion with them. He allows none to buy from them, and none to sell to them. He institutes the system which is now called “boycotting,” a system of persecution which was freely wielded by the Popish priesthood in the middle ages, and is still employed, as we know, in certain Papal lands.
Romanism and the Reformation from the Standpoint of Prophecy (page 158), by H. Grattan Guinness


11 comments on “Manchurian Candidates & Gang Stalking

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  5. Mary
    November 15, 2016

    I have lived under the such abuse for 12 years now. Headed by banking and jesuit mafia..i was unfortunate to marry into such a family. My life has been a blue print of what you have described. My only consolation is my faith in Jesus Christ. My favourite bible story is the rich man and Lazarus. I can identify with Lazarus so much. This life’s hell is but a blip…eternity, now thats time I wouldnt want to spend in hell.!!


  6. Barbie Kyzar
    April 1, 2017

    I’ve been a target for more years than one could phathom. Honey trapped relationship,loss of family including children.My Father recently passed away and I Know they were part of it. Why ? I whistle blew on the Federal Government.
    Our only hope is in Christ Jesus


    • Keith Kampschaefer
      April 10, 2017

      Yes Barbie, many of our lives – if not all – have been closely monitored and controlled by these wicked men; micromanaged if you will.


  7. Barbie Kyzar
    April 1, 2017

    God help us all from these evil people. Whistleblower on fed govt


  8. Marina Meadows
    July 17, 2017

    A tidal wave of outrage is needed to demand full disclosure of #DirectEnergyWeapons #slowKill for Americans and humanity around the earth! It’s a crime against humanity and Human Rights Organizations involved in #PayToPlay Act blindly to this SILENT HOLOCAUST


    • Keith Kampschaefer
      November 10, 2017

      My apologies for the lengthy delay in approving your comment for posting. I’ve been under heavy assault from the stalking network.


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