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Operation Soul Catcher

Dear friends, there is something going on in the world that many are not aware of. It has taken me about 4 months to come to this point where I feel compelled to make a statement about this. And with the importance of the issue, I will try to make the message as concise and to the point as possible.

Briefly, I must convey that I am a ‘Targeted Individual.’ A ‘TI’ is a person who has been put in a secret program by government or influential persons without their consent. The program involves a multi-layered and multifaceted psychological and physical assault against the TI (targeted individual) and his/her environment. It is commonly referred to as covert organized stalking (gang stalking) and is essentially a secret civilian mob under the direction and coercion of the aforementioned authorities (CIA/FBI/NSA, etc).

Operation Soul CatcherBy way of subtle but repeated ‘soft blows’ to the person and his/her environment — both psychologically and physically — the stalking network attempts to destroy the targets life, literally. If you are new to this phenomena, an article I wrote titled ‘Manchurian Candidates & Gang Stalking’ which connects the crime to domestic violence events is concise in describing the stalking operation. (Read article.)

It is important for me to create this foundation as the realization as to what is going on came to me as a result of my involvement in a support group for ‘targeted individuals.’ What I came to realize was that even in this group of outcasts and ostracized wayfarers of society, there is an underlying design to identify those who are not conformable through re-education.

Yes, for those of us who are familiar with the social structure and support systems of Targeted Individuals, we should realize that this phenomena in its totality is a form of re-education.

The method or tactic being used in this operation is referred to as the Hegelian Dialectic. Many of us know what this is but for any who don’t it is a tactic to achieve a result by a deliberate action designed to provoke a response. It referred to by other descriptors such as ‘Order Out of Chaos,’ ‘Problem, Reaction, Solution,’ as well as ‘Thesis vs. antithesis = Synthesis.’

It is the end result that is the essence of the tactic. It is driven by the satanic ideology of ‘the end justifies the means.’ For example, a corrupt town wants the property of one of it’s residence for a commercial venture. But the property owner has no intention of selling and relocating. So the neighborhood conspires together and recruits a group of citizens to begin harassing the property owner. The property owner eventually assaults one of the perpetrators and is convicted and imprisoned.

The problem or chaos that was ‘created’ is the harassment. The response or reaction was the provoked assault against the perpetrators. And the solution the town wanted was to have the property owner lose his land by default, unable to maintain it according to the town laws.

But what is the purpose of organized gang stalking. Although at this stage of the “game” the program may still be experimental, the primary purpose of this program is re-education and to identify those who are resistant to re-education.

The world is being converted to a global government and along with this global political system there will be a universal religious system. And it is primarily this universal religious system that is at the root of organized stalking and non-consensual human experimentation by governments around the world.

It order for there to be unity in all races, creeds, and countries, the individual ideologies and strongly held beliefs of the different nations and faiths has to be broken down. So to do this, a system such as covert organized stalking, which also includes electronic harassment, is used to bring people together of various beliefs, persuasions, preferences, and dispositions.

To move along and try to make the point, let me share this Facebook comment I made on a graphic that I also made about the Hegelian Dialectic. What I am trying to help us understand is that it is our faith in God, most especially the faith of those who have an unwavering belief in Yeshua-Jesus, the Seed of Abraham, that is under attack. WE are the ones that are resistant to re-education. And it is our ‘perfection’ in Christ that the world is trying to get rid of so they can comfortably partake in the indulgences of every form of sensuality, lust, fornication, sodomy, bestiality, pedophilia, transhumanism, and even child sacrificing that they want to do.

And to possibly help us see the big picture, consider my following comment.

A fly on the wall inside an elite round table meeting in the mid 20th century heard,
“Gentlemen, what is needed for the people is a common enemy. And the enemy needs to be perceived as against the whole world. Something that breaks down national borders, individual concerns, civic independence, political ideals, and even genuine beliefs and faiths in a creator. Something that will unite the American and the Russian, the capitalist with the fascist, the libertarian with the communist. Something that will unite the laborer with the executive, the oil rigger with the environmentalist, and the scientist with the crop worker. Something that will unite the pastor with the casino operator, the Christian with the Muslim, and the gay with the straight.

Something so big, so ugly, so threatening that even their ‘gods’ seem like annoyances. This is how we will steal the souls of men. And those who still remain the Uncontrolled Opposition, we will eradicate.”

The previous comment was attributable and I believe complimentary to this graphic I made for the Facebook Page, Uncontrolled Opposition. It explains how ‘chemtrails’ as well as other humanitarian crimes throughout history have been the ‘chaos’ or ‘problem’ to bring change — hardly ever good — to society.

Hegelian Eisenhower

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower: ET invasion has already occurred and governments do not want us to know (VIDEO)

In conclusion we need to know that if we are Targeted Individuals we have been ‘thrown’ into a blender with the intent to process us and our beliefs to mesh with others, even atheists, homosexuals, Muslims, and evolutionists.

We who believe in the God of Abraham are the problem to the New World Order and the Universal Harlot Church. This organized stalking and electronic harassment is an attempt to brainwash or re-educate us by intimidation. It is perhaps the ultimate psy-op to steal the souls of man. It is Operation Soul Catcher.

by Keith Kampschaefer (4/30/14)

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2 comments on “Operation Soul Catcher

  1. tirzah77
    July 2, 2017

    One of the best analysis’s I’ve read on this phenomenon of Targeting. Concise and true.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Keith Kampschaefer
      November 10, 2017

      My apologies for the lengthy delay in approving your comment for posting. I’ve been under heavy assault from the stalking network.


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