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Jesuitism, Romanism, and the Vatican Empire

Jesuit Extreme Oath of Induction

P4 My son, heretofore you have been taught to act the dissembler: among Roman Catholics to be a Roman Catholic, and to be a spy even among your own brethren; to believe no man, to trust no man.

P5 You have been taught to insidiously plant the seeds of jealousy and hatred between communities, provinces, states that were at peace, and incite them to deeds of blood, involving them in war with each other, and to create revolutions and civil wars in countries that were independent and prosperous, cultivating the arts and the sciences and enjoying the blessings of peace.

P6 You have been taught your duty as a spy, to gather all statistics, facts and information in your power from every source; to ingratiate yourself into the confidence of the family circle of Protestants and heretics of every class and character, as well as that of the merchant, the banker, the lawyer, among the schools and universities, in parliaments and legislatures, and the judiciaries and councils of state, and to be all things to all men, for the Pope’s sake, whose servants we are unto death.

P7 …for “without the shedding of blood no man can be saved.”

P8 The Extreme Oath of the Jesuits:

P9 …and that by virtue of the keys of binding and loosing, given to his Holiness by my Savior, Jesus Christ, he hath power to depose heretical kings, princes, states, commonwealths and governments, all being illegal without his sacred confirmation and that they may safely be destroyed.

P10 I do further declare that the doctrine of the churches of England and Scotland, of the Calvinists, Huguenots and others of the name Protestants or Liberals to be damnable and they themselves damned who will not forsake the same.

P11 I do further declare, that I will help, assist, and advise all or any of his Holiness’ agents in any place wherever I shall be, … in any other Kingdom or territory … do my uttermost to extirpate the heretical Protestants or Liberals’ doctrines and to destroy all their pretended powers, regal or otherwise.

P12 I do further promise and declare, that notwithstanding I am dispensed with, to assume my religion heretical, for the propaganda of the Mother Church’s interest, to keep secret and private all her agents’ counsels

P13 I do further promise and declare, that I will have no opinion or will of my own

P14 That I may go to any part of the world withersoever I may be sent, to the frozen regions of the North, the burning sands of the desert of Africa

P15 Red letter, Extreme Blood Oath portion

P21 In confirmation of which, I hereby dedicate my life, my soul and all my corporal powers, and with this dagger which I now receive, I will subscribe my name written in my own blood, in testimony thereof…

P Go ye, then, into all the world and take possession of all lands in the name of the Pope. He who will not accept him as the Vicar of Jesus and his Vice-regent on earth, let him be accursed and exterminated.”

Left Behind by the Jesuits


Throughout Christendom, Protestantism was menaced by
formidable foes. The first triumphs of the Reformation past,
Rome summoned new forces, hoping to accomplish its
destruction. At this time the order of the Jesuits was created,
the most cruel, unscrupulous, and powerful of all the
champions of popery. Cut off from earthly ties and human
interests, dead to the claims of natural affection, reason and
conscience wholly silenced, they knew no rule, no tie, but
that of their order, and no duty but to extend its power. The
gospel of Christ had enabled its adherents to meet danger
and endure suffering, undismayed by cold, hunger, toil, and
poverty, to uphold the banner of truth in face of the rack, the
dungeon, and the stake. To combat these forces, Jesuitism
inspired its followers with a fanaticism that enabled them to
endure like dangers, and to oppose to the power of truth all
the weapons of deception. There was no crime too great for
them to commit, no deception too base for them to practice,
no disguise too difficult for them to assume. Vowed to
perpetual poverty and humility, it was their studied aim to
secure wealth and power, to be devoted to the overthrow of
Protestantism, and the re-establishment of the papal

When appearing as members of their order, they wore a
garb of sanctity, visiting prisons and hospitals, ministering to
the sick and the poor, professing to have renounced the
world, and bearing the sacred name of Jesus, who went
about doing good. But under this blameless exterior the most
criminal and deadly purposes were often concealed. It was a
fundamental principle of the order that the end justifies the
means. By this code, lying, theft, perjury, assassination,
were not only pardonable but commendable, when they
served the interests of the church. Under various disguises
the Jesuits worked their way into offices of state, climbing up
to be the counselors of kings, and shaping the policy of
nations. They became servants to act as spies upon their
masters. They established colleges for the sons of princes
and nobles, and schools for the common people; and the
children of Protestant parents were drawn into an
observance of popish rites. All the outward pomp and display
of the Romish worship was brought to bear to confuse the
mind and dazzle and captivate the imagination, and thus the
liberty for which the fathers had toiled and bled was betrayed
by the sons. The Jesuits rapidly spread themselves over
Europe, and wherever they went, there followed a revival of
popery. — E. G. White, The Great Controversy, pp. 234,
235, Pacific Press Publishing Assn., 1911.

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