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Yahoo Groups on Gang Stalking

Here is a list of Gang Stalking and Harassment Yahoo Groups you might want to join to help support and raise awareness for the cause of organized gang stalking and covert electron assault activity.

multistalk: Citizen Gang/Multiple Stalking Survivors
Public Group, Members
mcforums: Mind Control Forums – Public Groups
Restricted Group, Members
Angelite: LiveYourLife Without Gang Stalking
This support group is for people who care about what is happening in the world today. Many people are victims of Gang Stalking and they need to talk about the truth.
This is a group for research and discussion of the hate group activity known as cause stalking as well as other forms of group stalking. Because this crime also occurs in the context of certain other types of 21st century crimes, discussion and research is also included.
dontbelievethelies: Cause Stalking: Truth Vs. Fiction
This group is setup as a repository of documents to help a person who is being harrased and stalked by hate groups. Hate groups are operating like gangs and stalking their victims 24/7. The harassment also includes routine break-ins, character defamation, destruction of your career and relationships.
exposinggangstalking: Gang-Stalking / Domestic Terrorism
Exposing Gang-Stalking
gang-stalking: Secret NHS Trust (AKA – Gang Stalking)
A secret nhs trust as been created to deal with mental health problems (Community based programs)including personality strengthening. Which includes situations being created within the community aimed at strengthening mental health problems such as Histrionic personality disorder. Also known as gang stalking. my aim here is to expose what i consider to be immoral and potential high risk situation being set up with the patients consent. My aim is to expose this organisation and the people involved.
gangstalkingandharassment: Gang Stalking and Harassment
i’m interested in hearing from other victims of gang stalking. not covert government or corporation stalking but street gangs who harass people they believe have done them wrong. gang members, their family and friends who participate in following or harassing an individual for revenge. this is not for people who are stalked by one person or is having problems with a religious group or large corporation but a place for people who have had to deal with gang violence. please join and tell your stories or just talk about other experieces you’ve had due to retaliation.
Gang_Stalking: Gang Stalking (Francophone)
Pour les individus cibles par le Gang Stalking, Harcelement electronique et torture, et controle de l’esprit de partout dans le monde francophone.
governmentsponsoredstalking: Government Sponsored Stalking
Welcome to Government Sponsored Stalking. Here you will be kept abreast on issues concerning organized gang stalking, remote human experimentation, food/water contamination and other crimes associated with government corruption.
Terror_Stalking: Cointelpro Stalk & Smear
COINTELPRO, Smearing, Bugging, Stalking, Home Invasion, Black Listing, Corp/government harassment, Gang Stalking, Terror Stalking, staged “paranoia” against a targeted individual, “TI”.
thestarfishgirlanti-stalkingcampaign: Thestarfishgirl Antistalking Campaign
Restricted Group, Members
turning_it_around: Changing the Rules of the Game
Restricted Group, Members

10 comments on “Yahoo Groups on Gang Stalking

  1. treatedunfairly
    October 16, 2014

    I began experiencing gang stalking in June of 2013. It is believed that I wronged a young man and his mother and I am the reason they were evicted from their residence after 12 years. I was stalked by a multi cultured (mainly latino) gang from Anaheim. They began vandalizing my car, and stalking my residence. I moved to another city, and obviously they followed me, and would stand outside of my residence and when they saw me approaching my home after being gone, they would aggressively approach me. There were several of them. They began following me and would show up at the gym, the auto mart where I bought my car, restaurants, testing sites, and grocery stores. They even attempted to stalk me via social media, by finding me and setting up profiles. I moved again, to another county and within 24 hours they made their appearance and began aggressively following me everywhere that I went. At my new residence, in another new town, they were there when I got there with my belongings to move in. They had followed me, and were inconspicuously standing across the street (4) of them, talking. One of them came and drove up on the sidewalk in front of my apartment, while a group of (4) walked by. I was followed to the court house, grocery stores, etc. Two weeks later, I moved out and into a hotel paid for by Victims of Gang Violence/Stalking. They had several of their members come there and stalk me and my daughter while each time they vandalized our cars. I moved again, this time nearly 500 miles away, and they followed me. I was followed by several of them, but mainly by an aggressive latino who seemed to be high off meth or some other kind of strange energy. 2 days after my arrival in the new city, 6 of them arrived, with the young man they believed I wronged. I believe they were going to kill me, as I was staying at a Motel 6, and they were there. But the next day my debit hadn’t reloaded so I had to leave. They called me on my phone, (how they got my number I don’t know), but I knew it was them, and the new chase began. I went to my friends house where I recognized them in the (3) rental cars they were in, driving past her house, one being an escalade. I texted them and asked them why were they following me everywhere that I went, and instead of answering me back, they sent the young man, whom I had allegedly wronged walking by clear and visibly as if to say this is why. Shocked out of my mind, I went to the police department, and they sent me to the hospital, and I was able to explain that I was stressed out and near suicide, because I was being chased by a gang. When I got to the hospital I don’t know how they knew but (2) of them were sitting inconspicuously in the ER room. The hospital kept me overnight, and they sent a woman into the ER room to see if I was still there. I recognized her as one of the people who followed me 400+ miles away in a 99 cent store. (There were a few women). I think being at the hospital 10 days saved my life. (Again, I believe they were coming to kill me and by there being so many of them,the plan was to kidnap me and take me far off, somewhere as to not be found). Soon as I got out, I was followed to a board and care home by not only Latino gang bangers, but now white gang bangers with heavy tattoos. Although here lately nearly 5 months later, it has eased up some, with the following, however, where I moved to, they followed me and recruited the gang bangers in this building where I live to disturb me. What these guys do here is mad dog me. I am a 54 year old woman, black woman with not much support, and I wonder when this will end. I wasn’t the cause of their eviction, it was a white family who moved out a week after they had a major complaint about that family, but the blame was dumped on my lap, because management implemented me in it. I am living a nightmare, and I feel real uncomfortable right now, and when I feel like this, usually the gang bangers are close by.


  2. Steven r
    December 14, 2016

    I believe I have bee n harassed by people following me drones at night I hear voices. I hear noises in my attic, voices up there footsteps..also something is being piped in some smell like plastic burning I’m smelling it right now. I’m sure I’m being stalked can you help me. I live in the memphis tn area is there a support group there.


  3. Thomas Blake
    July 9, 2017

    Over 100 strong stocking me right now in topeka kansas help police wont even called kbi they followed me back an ffort to parsons kansas back to topeka can anyone help


    • Keith Kampschaefer
      November 10, 2017

      My apologies for the lengthy delay in approving your comment for posting. I’ve been under heavy assault from the stalking network.


  4. Ann
    July 21, 2017

    I have been stalked for 14 years I have had a this person arrested , I have four complaints filed and getting ready to file 4 more and get restraining order, this person is working with a family member to harass, and slander my name and destroy my career no one will believe me , or believe that this is happening to me law enforcement does what they can but is at a lost for stopping stalkers until there is a death can anyone out there help me with this also being slandered on Facebook


    • Keith Kampschaefer
      November 10, 2017

      My apologies for the lengthy delay in approving your comment for posting. I’ve been under heavy assault from the stalking network.


  5. Leacroft Witter
    August 28, 2017

    My name is Leacroft Witter and i am a victim of crime. I am known as a targeted individual that was and still is being conspired against by perpatrators associated with homeland security partnered with NSA, some covert organization. I was plotted against by implanting me with some sort of military technology Bio chip that allows these perps to read my thoughts, see through my eyes and hear what i hear. This violates my human and civil rights as a US citizen. My email address was compromised and hack into by these perps. I am being subjected to a cover up involving my ex girlfriend and others, so called family members which is a conflict of interest. Controversy involves organized stalkers tracking my movements like GPS and electronic harassment. This harassment im going through has been going on for over 3yrs now for reasons of Jealousy, insecurities, hatred, revenge etc. It is known as “touchless torture”. These perps i believe are using there jobs as a scapegoat to cover up their real agendas and motives. This all began after when i separated from ex girlfriend that i was living with for 6 plus years. I was druged smoking Marijuana by perps involved and then attacked soon right after by the same perps. I had surgery done on my eyes in which is when i was implanted. The infamous “Tin Foil hat” and “Quwave” has helped me out alot with the assaults greatly. I have the names of some of the perps and locations where they stage these electronic attacks on U.S. citizens such as myself. They try to control and inflict energy radiation on my bodily organs thats not visible with eyes. Just like a microwave heating up food, I believe implants tracking ability are located inside certain parts of my body and they are spitefully trying to control me by exposing energy radiation with Satellites on top of their homes and cell towers directed to my body. I have been through it all electronic, electromagnetic, phycotronic, radiation. The known perps involved in my harassing is a [names redacted by site owner for liability concerns], etc. They try tactics such as to intimidate, minipulate, humiliate, etc. This Covert harassment violates human rights and civil liberties and the difference between me and the other victims is that i know who some of the perps are that is doing the stalking, i have there names and locations. This harassment has to stop and i am part of the opposition.


    • Keith Kampschaefer
      November 10, 2017

      Leacroft, I’m sorry it has taken me so long to approve your sincere comment. I’ve really been under heavy assault myself lately with every form of psychological and ‘no-trace’ physical weapon. But your testimony seems to represent what many TI’s are experiencing including myself.


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