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Granbaka on Eric Jon Phelps, His Opinion

Here are several documents I ran across while organizing some files on my computer. I don’t see these published on the web anywhere and since I like to have links to the original source or location of documents, I’ve made these file available for reading and download if anyone is interested.

The publication of these files does not imply my agreement with the author, ‘Granbaka,’ but I do find his commentary interesting worthy of consideration.

Keith Kampschaefer, aka elijah1757



Notice concerning “Jesuit-exposer” Eric Jon Phelps 2015-03-04

There arose a necessity to issue a notification concerning a certain researcher into, and purported exposer of, the Jesuit order, Eric Jon Phelps.

I have long perceived Phelps is a fake believer, a spurious “Christian”, or, as per Pauline language, a “false brother”. But yesterday I took some time for a brief look at his Vatican Assassins 2007 ed. (2009 printing) PDF file. And I wasn’t surprised, but nonetheless alarmed and a bit shocked, at what disturbing things I found. Based on this I now wish to alert all who read this, to be aware of Phelps’ subversive anti- Romans 13 -propaganda, and as opportunity arises to notify others (whether they have read his book/articles or watched his video presentations or not) who are aware of the NWO conspiracy. Because Phelps could at worst be playing people into serving the cause of the papacy. And here is my foremost basis for stating thus:

“We must go to physical war as a matter of domestic policy against the armies controlled by Rome’s Jesuits, even as our forefathers have so bravely done in the past.” [p.693, emph. Phelps]

Promotion of physical war. His advice as to which course of action people should take, relative to the NWO and the Jesuits et.al., plays straight into the hands of the Jesuits and their Hegelian dialectic. These men are undoubtedly praying to their god Baal, Satan, to raise up revolutionists, as well as raising them up themselves, and Phelps appears as just the kind of men they need, if not in fact one of themselves.

Read more at PDF document: granbacka-jesuit-researcher-phelps-exposed

NWO “truth movement” exposed

Being some general (not comprehensive list) identifying marks, traits, or tendencies of disinformation agents of Rome (whether knowingly or ignorantly furthering its NWO cause) as relates to its impending New World Order.

Revised & expanded 2015-03-02

This exposé, as I choose to call it, is but a general such, and the target audience will, ultimately, prove quite mixed, God willing. And it bases on the assumption that most who happen to read it are more or less familiar with the existence of an actual sinister conspiracy which is popularly referred to as the New World Order. And quite a few may have understood that the Vatican is behind it. And that especially now there are many, esp. via the internet, who purport to expose it (the NWO as they perceive of it, not necessarily the Vatican) to light. It is basically written with such exposers in mind, inasmuch as the vast majority (and those trusting and following them) are engaging in lawless things which the Holy Scripture condemns, and are rather furthering the cause of Rome and its Jesuit order.

Read more at PDF document: granbacka-nwo-truth-movement-exposed

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