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RAISING KAINE – Jesuit Pope, Jesuit POTUS

BREAKING: Hillary’s Handler Carrying Auto-Injector Syringe For Anti-Seizure Drug Diazepam by Seattle4Truth · Published August 7, 2016 · Updated August 8, 2016jlaghaghTwitter detectives found a new picture of Hillary’s handler — a mysterious man with what looks like a medical lapel-pin that follows Clinton everywhere she goes, helps her up stairs, and calms her down when she’s seizing up because of stress.

Source: BREAKING: Hillary’s Handler Carrying Auto-Injector Syringe For Anti-Seizure Drug Diazepam

I see a disturbing development possibly taking place with the likely election of Hillary Clinton which I’m convinced is bound to happen.

For those of you who’ve come to the realization that the Vatican by way of the Jesuits essentially controls the global geopolitical environment, not to mention the physical environment by way of geoengineering and other super tech methods, you’ll understand where I’m going with this.

Pope Francis symbolized the placing of the capstone upon the Luciferian (Illuminati) pyramid. Is it possible that “they” intend to have a Jesuit sitting in the Oval Office along with the one they have sitting in the chair of St. Peter?
Is Hillary willing to be impeached for crimes or resign for medical reasons (see video below) once she captures the first female POTUS ribbon, allowing Jesuit short-robe, V.P. running mate, Timothy Kaine to usurp the throne by default?

We understand the occult obsession these Masonic minions have with names, numbers, dates, and symbols. Should we dare speculate that a Jesuit-educated ‘golden boy’ with a the last name of Kaine could have a correlation with a significant Biblical event? Who according to Scripture committed the first murder? Would an U.S. president with the name, Kaine, be commissioned to unleash the last great inquisition against the saints? Will “Cain” rise again to kill “Abel?”  Or perhaps their intentions are broader in scope and ‘raising Kaine’ is symbolic of ‘raising hell,’ the ‘SHTF’ period of total chaos and calamity where the USA is brought down to the ground like so many are predicting.

Loyola 'stomping Protestantism'

Jesuit founder, Loyola

The crowning of a Jesuit as the king of Babylon the Great, the ‘catholicized’ Roman Empire, is no insignificant accomplishment. Next year, 2017, a Jesuit Pope, one whose institution’s primary purpose was to execute the Counter-Reformation war and destroy Protestantism (crush all dissenters), will have his foot upon the neck of humanity as the Society of Jesus celebrates their victory over ‘heretics’ with the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s protest in Wittenberg. As Tony Palmer said, “The protest is over!” (see video below)

Is that when the Synagogue of Satan will release their other horned beast from the bottomless pit? Allow a woman to ride in on the beast and then replace her with a bronco buster who rides like the devil, a Jesuit trained in the art of diplomatic deception and diabolical destruction; whose motto is, “The end justifies the means!” ?

A Jesuit Pope and a Jesuit POTUS!

Hitler and Pius are envious!




The Truth About Hillary’s Bizarre Behavior

Tony Palmer says ‘the protest is over.’

Jesuit Oath - The End Justifies the Means







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