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Pope Francis Christmas terror threat – Vatican says pontiff won’t wear bulletproof vest | World | News | Daily Express

Can we consider the possibility that this is laying the groundwork for a deception involving a staged event or false flag of sorts and fake assassination of Pope Francis.

I think it is very important to realize that millions of people believe Pope Francis is the 8th king of Revelation 17:10 and that by his ‘removal,’ the world might think that the beast has been destroyed.

Many people including Catholics have been saying that Jorge Bergoglio is an anti-pope or false pope, an impostor who has usurped the “holy chair of St. Peter.”

A great deception could involve the removal of this Pope and possibly the banishment or censuring of the Jesuit priesthood and using this as a springboard to launch a false peace and celebratory global event proclaiming, “hey, hey, the witch is dead, the witch is dead, wicked witch is dead.”

But it is all false, providing the opportunity for these evil powers to make alliances with humanity and getting the world to go along with their satanic plan.

Basically, it’s all just a grand illusion to get the world to drop their guard as the “shepherds” lead the “flock” to the shearers.
— elijah1757

POPE Francis is ignoring pleas from Italian police by refusing to wear a bullet proof vest despite chilling threats issued by Islamic State (ISIS) about a planned invasion of Rome.

Source: Pope Francis Christmas terror threat – Vatican says pontiff won’t wear bulletproof vest | World | News | Daily Express

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