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Are you a domestic terrorist? | The Fifth Column

This is the best and most informative article I’ve read for quite a while. It covers so many of the elements of oppression and control we are under as a result of the tyrannical, fascist regime that currently dominates the world.  The article addresses the ideology and technology being used to target individuals as domestic terrorist.

Are you a domestic terrorist?

by Joe Bowman • April 28, 2015
Washington, D.C. (TFC) – By the early 1970s, as the Watergate scandal was unfolding in the headlines, trust in government disappeared as quickly as support for the Vietnam War had. When reports pertaining to a covert program known as COINTELPRO started to surface within the press, some members of Congress realized they had dropped the ball and had been too trusting for far too long. COINTELPRO was an FBI program designed to infiltrate, neutralize, and undermine civil rights, anti-war and political dissident groups, and it authorized intelligence agencies to collect information on the personal and political activities of U.S citizens through secret surveillance techniques, including warrant-less wiretaps.

In 1975, a United States Senate Committee was formed to study government operations with respect to intelligence activities (commonly known as the “Church Committee”), for its Chairman Senator Frank Church (D-ID) convened to investigate the lawlessness of the CIA’s and FBI’s intelligence gathering techniques. In its 14th report, the Church committee documented more than five hundred thousand intelligence files containing information on American citizens and domestic organizations obtained through illegal wiretapping, interception of private email, and infiltration of groups by informants.

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