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Full Spectrum Dominance

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Unblemished Scriptures

“And he had in his hand a little book open: and he set his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot on the earth,” – Rev 10:2

The Scriptures resurfaced in the 16th century as a result of the efforts and revelations of the Reformers such as Martin Luther, who found a dust-covered Latin Bible in a Library. Fortunately, Luther knew Latin, and therefore realized what the Roman Catholic Church had hid from the people for nearly 1500 years. In addition to this, Gutenberg had just recently perfected the moveable-type printing press which created the perfect storm for the outpouring of the Word of God which ignited the Protestant Reformation. The morphing of the Scriptures was a morphing of the interpretation by the Jesuits who were commissioned to go to war against the Reformation. This is truth that very few are telling. Most alternative prognosticators are under the control of the system so they can’t speak against the Vatican/Papacy/Jesuits. — ekk

Full Spectrum Dominance Papal antiChrist

As we expose the lies, let’s keep our eyes on the big picture. That the Protestant Reformation broke the bonds of 1500 years of global Papal oppression (the Dark Ages) and EVERYTHING since, from the Council of Trent and the declaration of war against the Protestant Reformation which is the Counter Reformation… is the Papacy, yea even the antiChrist, re-establishing it’s dominance over the world — FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE that is.

Guinness identifies the morphing the interpretation of Scriptures (1887?)“First, note the fact that Rome’s reply to the Reformation in the 16th century included an answer to the prophetic teachings of the Reformers. Through the Jesuits Ribera and Bellarmine Rome put forth her futurist interpretation of prophecy. Ribera was a Jesuit priest of Salamanca. In 1585 he published a commentary on the Apocalypse, denying the application of the prophecies concerning antichrist to the existing Church of Rome. He was followed by Cardinal Bellarmine, a nephew of Pope Marcellus II., who was born in Tuscany in 1542, and died in Rome in 1621. Bellarmine was not only a man of great learning, but “the most powerful controversialist in defence of Popery that the Roman Church ever produced.” Clement VIII. used these remarkable words on his nomination : ” We choose him, because the Church of God does not possess his equal in learning.” Bellarmine, like Ribera, advocated the futurist interpretation of prophecy. He taught that antichrist would be one particular man, that he would be a Jew, that he would be preceded by the reappearance of the literal Enoch and Elias, that he would rebuild the Jewish temple at Jerusalem, compel circumcision, abolish the Christian sacraments, abolish every other form of religion, would manifestly and avowedly deny Christ, would assume to be Christ, and would be received by the Jews as their Messiah, would pretend to be God, would make a literal image speak, would feign himself dead and rise again, and would conquer the whole world Christian, Mohammedan, and heathen ; and all this in the space of three and a half years. He insisted that the prophecies of Daniel, Paul, and John, with reference to the antichrist, Jiad no application whatever to the Papal power.” Source: Romanism and the Reformation by H. Grattan Guinness (Pages 268-270: http://archive.org/stream/romanismreformat00guinuoft#page/268/mode/2up)


Bellarmine was part of the persecution of “heretics” as he holds in his arm his most famous work, “Lectures Concerning the Controversies of the Christian Faith Against the Heretics of This Time”

Cardinal Robert Bellarmine Stature on Campus

“Bellarmine’s most influential writings were the series of lectures published under the title Disputationes de controversiis Christianae fidei adversus huius temporis haereticos (1586–93; “Lectures Concerning the Controversies of the Christian Faith Against the Heretics of This Time”). They contained a lucid and uncompromising statement of Roman Catholic doctrine.”(http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/59745/Saint-Robert-Bellarmine#ref249434)


Francisco Ribera

Francisco Ribera, born in 1537, died in 1591, was a Spanish Monk of the Jesuit Military priesthood. Ribera, from Salamanca, joined the force known as the Soceity of Jesus in 1570. He served the Jesuit General and Papacy with distinction having been the progenitor of the ‘Futurist’ movement which deflects the antiChrist finger-pointing at Papal Rome and suggest the finger needs to point to a future, one-man antiChrist near the return of the Lord.


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