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Romanism Mind Control Centers

This photo album or slide show is a collection of images taken from a 1943, Grolier, Book of Knowledge, Children’s Encyclopedia. This encyclopedia is heavily saturated with Romanism (Catholicism) promotions and even shows a substantial amount of occult underpinnings. What I mean by this is the volumes, in my opinion, contain an inordinate about of images of pagan idols, paintings, architecture, art, sculptures, and more. This rather numerous collection of images of Roman Catholic churches, cathedrals, and other architecture has but one single image of a Protestant church, and the caption essentially degrades it by the title, The ‘Old’ Protestant Church at Stuttgart. Even the image itself seem to be unflattering.

The reason I chose the title, ‘Romanism Mind Control Centers’ is because that is exactly what I believe these giant Gothic monstrosities of garish and audacious architecture are. Not only was the ritualistic Latin mass of training exercise doggy tricks such as bowing, making the sign of the Cross, genuflections, sitting, standing, kneeling, and ‘repeat after me’ actions a form of mind control and conditioning, these giant community megaliths were empirical beacons to remind everyone that the Pope is king of kings and we’re not going to let you forget to be at the temple worship ceremony this coming Sunday to pay homage to Mithra, Isis, Baal, Horus, and Molech, who are all simply idols of Satan. Weren’t we really just like dogs in behavior training, not even understanding what our “master” was saying, him speaking in Latin from the altar while we in the pew would respond with roll-overs and, “ruff ruff.”

St-JulienLeMans-1How could these massive, towering steeples and bell towers not have a dominating presence in the lives and outlook of every town folk? The construction costs of these obscene cathedrals was at the price of oppression and poverty and even robbed the people of what little they had by the selling of indulgences, a way to practice iniquity by expenditure or to alleviate ones fears or feeling of guilt by paying a “fee” as a form of penance, a sin tax to help build one more gargantuan gothic cathedral adorned with every gaudy idol and abomination.

It really is all quite sickening when put in its proper perspective and under the light of truth. It is the epitome of abominations in idolatry and heathenism. “By your lottery ticket here for a chance to win heaven and escape hell.” Nothing has changed, has it? There really is nothing new under the sun just as Solomon declared. And like Jesus said, there will always be poor because many do not have a love for the truth that they might be saved. And for this cause, God shall bring upon them a strong delusion that they should believe a lie. 2 Thessalonians, 2:10. (not verbatim)

This album was originally published on my Facebook Page, Uncontrolled Opposition with the lead-in from an excerpted section of Henry Grattan Guinness’ book, ROMANISM AND THE REFORMATION FROM THE STANDPOINT OF PROPHECY which says:

•—•—• PAGE 15 •—•—•
“After that I have now sufficiently declared my power in earth, in heaven, in purgatory, how great it is, and what is the fullness thereof in binding, loosing, commanding, permitting, electing, confirming, disposing, dispensing, doing, and undoing, etc., I will speak now a little of my riches and of my great possessions, that every man may see by my wealth, and abundance of all things, rents, tithes, tributes, my silks, my purple miters, crowns, gold, silver, pearls and gems, lands and lordships. For to me pertaineth first the imperial city of Rome, the Palace of Lateran; the kingdom of Sicily is proper to me; Apulia and Capua be mine. Also the kingdom of England and Ireland, be they not, or ought they not to be, tributaries to me? To these I adjoin also, besides other provinces and countries, both in the occident and orient, from the north to the south, these dominions by name. [here follows a long list.] What should I speak here of my daily revenues, of my firstfruits, annats, palls, indulgences, bulls, confessionals, indults and rescripts, testaments, dispensations, privileges, elections, prebends, religious houses, and such like, which come to no small mass of money?..whereby what vantage cometh to my coffers it may partly be conjectured..but what should i speak of Germany, which the whole world is my diocese, as my canonists do say, and all men are bound to believe; except they will imagine (as the Manichees do) two beginnings, which is false and heretical? For Moses saith, in the beginning God made heaven and earth; and not, in the beginnings. wherefore, as I began, so I conclude, commanding, declaring, and pronouncing, to stand upon necessity of salvation, for every human creature to be subject to me. (FOXE: “ACTS AND MONUMENTS,” VOL. 4., P. 145). ”

Roman Catholic Churches, Cathedrals, and Monasteries built during the TIME, TIMES, AND HALF A TIME. The 1260 year reign of the Holy Roman Empire, whose apparent fatal would has now healed.

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