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Swarms of Locust by Michael Bunker ‘PDF Book’

Excerpt from ‘SWARMS OF LOCUST’ (pg 50-51)
The Jesuits always attack the freedom of conscience, the free press, and the right to bear arms, because these God-given rights are used by True Christians to resist the evils proposed by Jesuit controlled tyrannical governments. But we must also note that the Society of Jesus is always at work on both sides of any battle. The Jesuits were the biggest beneficiaries of the first amendment. Prior to that amendment, Catholicism was a small (but potent) portion of the population. Catholics in most areas of the continent were prevented from owning property or participating in any form of government. After the Bill of Rights was approved, guaranteeing full access to the reins of government, the Jesuits and Roman Catholics in general invaded America from almost every part of the globe. I can guarantee you that behind every attempt to enslave and dominate Americans today, particularly by the fraudulent teaching of Romans 13; you will find the murderous Jesuit hand at work. Although honest, God fearing men of conscience may disagree on the issue of resisting tyrants, I believe that in most cases, if your pastor, priest, preacher or teacher does not teach you that you have the God-given right to resist antichrist tyrants using your words, your thoughts and your carnal weapons, then you might suppose that your pastor, priest, preacher or teacher is mortally infected by the poison of Rome, and owes his wicked philosophy to the Society of Jesus.

Remember that one need not be a Jesuit ordained ‘priest’ in order to be a warrior for the Jesuits. According to the Jesuit Constitutions, the Jesuit Superior General is permitted to:

“receive agents, both priestly agents to help in spiritual matters and lay agents to give aid in temporal and domestic functions.”

Jesuit lay agents, called ‘coadjutors’ could be recruited from any field of endeavor and any religious background. They could be women or men, Protestants or Catholics. In most areas of the world, anyone suspected of being in league with the Jesuits were called ‘Ignatian agents’, or just ‘Ignatians’. The French called anyone who was suspected of being associated with the Society of Jesus ‘les robes-petites’ which means short robes’. In England they were alternatively called ‘short-coats’.

Book: SWARMS OF LOCUST by Michael Bunker

3 comments on “Swarms of Locust by Michael Bunker ‘PDF Book’

    July 24, 2015



  2. cjman
    December 31, 2015

    Bless you mr Bunker and also Eric Jon Phelps


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