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Modern Day Stalking by elijah1757

A compilation of quotes and excerpts that attempt to describe the nearly indescribable phenomenon of modern-day organized stalking.

Modern-day Stalking
“To explain exactly what modern-day gang stalking is in so few words is nearly impossible due to the complexity, depth, and range of the elements that make up the whole. But in so few words, suffice it to say that in the shadow of the Nazi police state and the cooperation of many naive ‘citizen informants,’ this modern-day, community-based bullying and intimidation is the oppression of the unseen hand of corrupted governments and evidence of a collapsing society.” — elijah1757

A slow death by assassination from co-conspirators is achieved by a continuous stream of “soft” blows to both the individual’s body and mind as well as his/her environment. Defamation by slander, isolation by rejection, demoralization by bullying, destabilization by unemployment, and despair by complete poverty and loneliness. (From: Manchurian Candidates and Gang Stalking)

Modern day gang stalking (organized stalking) is not a group of switch-blade wielding, bandana-wearing misfits of society shaking up a well-to-do couple who took the wrong turn near the ghetto. Quite the contrary, organized stalking identifies the ‘undesirable’ (falsely accused or slandered) and uses ‘no-touch intimidation’ to break the person’s psyche. In the spiritual sense, these are Barrabas’ zealots who in their self-righteousness or ignorance shout, “crucify him!” (From: Modern Day Gang Stalking – Community Mob Force | elijah1757)

Briefly, I must convey that I am a ‘Targeted Individual.’ A ‘TI’ is a person who has been put in a secret program by government or influential persons without their consent. The program involves a multi-layered and multifaceted psychological and physical assault against the TI (targeted individual) and his/her environment. It is commonly referred to as covert organized stalking (gang stalking) and is essentially a secret civilian mob under the direction and coercion of the aforementioned authorities (CIA/FBI/NSA, etc). (From: Operation Soul Catcher | elijah1757)

Organized gang stalking effectively creates traumatized victims who are forced to seek out psychological help only to be told they are delusional and need to spend several days, weeks, or months in a mental institution costing thousands of dollars. Upon submission and cooperation to the system, the victim is then released into an outpatient program of periodic counseling in conjunction with a regimen of costly psychotropic prescriptions that ultimately bankrupts the victim both morally (as in hope) and financially. All of this from none other than BIG PHARMA, the psychiatric and legal system, and the associated network of government supported agents and alliances who head up the gang. (From: Leuren Moret Discusses MKUltra, Tavistock, HAARP & Mind Control | elijah1757)

This network of co-conspirators is connected by a hierarchical system or rank and communicates from the top down to instruct, disseminate, and delegate to the community “cooperatives” in position their ‘marching orders.’ (From: Covert Community Killing | elijah1757)

For a number of reasons, this covert system of cliques, clubs, and councils has marshalled themselves as some kind of vigilante force to drive these TARGETED INDIVIDUALS from society by a secret onslaught of psychological and physical attack that is just superficial enough to maintain the modicum of plausible deniability.

Yet, this very real and exhaustive harassment by means of covert and organized gang stalking, mocking, and sabotage eventually drives the victim to the point of insanity, culminating in incarceration, institutionalization, suicide, or worse, as is demonstrated my major domestic terrorist events such as the Virginia Tech massacre and similar mutliple-victim crimes. (From: Targeted You Say? | elijah1757)

If you are not familiar with the term “targeted individual”, it is a person who has been “listed” as someone’s enemy and undergoes a degree of assaults, intimidation, mocks, taunts, stalking, and much more. The attacks come from individuals in the person’s daily life ranging from immediate household members to employees and agents of every conceivable sector and organization of society. The reasons some of these TI’s(Targeted Individuals) are “marked” varies, but some are whistleblowers, dissidents, offenders, activists, ex-members, just to name a few. The one thing that most of these TI’s have in common is that they are everyday people, however imperfect, and wish to be left alone. Since the “organization,” for lack of a better word, has nothing legally to use against these citizens, they use a tactic that has been around for eons and was described by King David in Psalm 64. (From: The Secret Council | elijah1757)


8 comments on “Modern Day Stalking by elijah1757

  1. Unwitting Experimentee
    September 7, 2014

    Excellent job! You’ve taken the subject of organized stalking, which is extremely difficult to articulate concisely, and explained it in a cogent and thorough manner.


  2. debmatheny
    November 15, 2014
  3. Guy Potter
    January 29, 2015

    i have been a rnm victim over 3 yrs and have noticed my x neighbors have flags on cars and house and groups of people over at times which leads me to belive this may be a dod or infragard gettogether. These seem to be the people doing this to victims and they are government paid for this. My guess is by some type of psychiatric evaluation or threat assessment is how this happens and people are put in this mk ultra satellite torture program.


    • elijah1757
      January 29, 2015

      That sounds like a good breakdown of what’s going on in your situation, Guy. I do think that much of this is connected to neighborhood watch groups and community policing programs. I believe this government tactic was established and blueprinted in Nazi Germany by the use of Nationalism. The citizens began spying and informing on fellow citizens wanting a feather in their cap from the Brownshirts, Stasi, or SS. I’m not exactly sure how that scenario worked. But it’s part of the deception where people fall for lies and slander about fellow citizens thinking they themselves are ‘untouchable.’ But they find out in the end that anyone who was in on the program were taken out to keep them from talking later on.

      Thanks for the ‘like’ on Facebook.


  4. Dennis McCobb
    January 14, 2016

    it’s encouraging to see reference to infragard in the comments here – anthony forwood has gone missing in the middle of his investigation connecting false flag psyop victim myron may to former associate spencer barasch (involved in the embezzled $7.2 billion) – spencer’s brother matthew miles barasch, the “crazy” targeted individual with anger issues on the dr phil show who heard voices (a la the official myron disinfo) worked with exposed front group ffchs (confessed “perp”) ‘dr robert duncan, whose fraudulent pseudo-science myron allegedly quoted during his final hours, by a strange coincidence) – in addition to mr forwood’s (now hacked) excellent site ‘exposeinfragard’, anthony identifies this clandestine ‘network in his article by that name, and much more comprehensively in his meticulously researched and brilliantly written book:

    Gang-Stalking and Mind-Control: The Destruction of Society Through Community Spying Networks
    By A. K. Forwood

    “A secret underground lurks throughout society, a sophisticated network of secret ‘policing’ units that are cropping up in every community. It is made up of people from all walks of life who are operating as a fascist secret police force against all freedom-loving citizens of the western world. They pretend to be serving a good cause, but they are creating terror in our neighborhoods and destroying lives, one person at a time. This secret network is not only used for targeting individuals with systematic harassment, but those within it are often involved in sexual exploitation, blackmail, satanism, and mind-control.

    “Gang-Stalking and Mind-Control takes an inside look at the sinister side of this growing epidemic.” – and that’s not all, folks! – also highly insightful is his exposition of cointelpro psyops in action, in his eye-opening series of myron may articles – the files have been rearranged but most are still there, and the rest are not hard to find: – http://exposinginfragard.blogspot.com/2015/05/blood-money-who-really-killed-myron-may.html


    • Keith Kampschaefer
      January 21, 2016

      I’m familiar with Anthony Forewood’s analysis of the Myron May psy-op, which I also believe was completely scripted event. I also have an idea of some of the major players within the “TI community” who are involved. I’ll look into what you’ve shared more closely. Please keep me advised as to any knew developments with the welfare and whereabouts of Anthony.


  5. Dennis McCobb
    February 14, 2016

    keith i am sorry to have to report that anthony forwood has not been heard from in all this time, close friends have had no email contact which is very uncharacteristic, but more tellingly, someone began posting his book ‘They Would Be Gods’ on his site free (not the more relevant one on gang-stalking and mid-control, his forte), instead of continuing the successful investigation proving certain parties guilty of serious crimes probably including mryon may’s wrongful death if not murder – the imposter hacked into exposeinfragard did respond to labrat’s question that he ‘got burned out and isn’t sure what he wants to do next’, which defies reason (Anthony was known as a relentless investigator whose thoroughness enabled him to expose complex psyop attacks) but the few comments allowed now are staged to discredit him, for example “Does this make me sound crazy? ;-)” (response, “Yes, it does.)


    • Keith Kampschaefer
      February 14, 2016

      Dennis, it is disturbing to consider the possibilities of what may be going on in regard to Anthony Forwood. If he was rather isolated and did not have close acquaintances who are in a sense the honking goose warning of something amiss, it really does make one vulnerable to “disappearance.”

      I’ve recently had to step away from the “TI circle, or should I say ‘circus” because of so many “TI’s” attacking me. The ACTIVE TI Registry project I was working on has been suspended which is more than likely a major reason why I have been attacked.

      The point is, in light of what Anthony has been exposing, the organized stalking world is a highly strategized and controlled environment. As the Illuminati Card Game reveals, the agents are in place. Many cooperating with the sinister agenda and many so far under the delusion, they don’t know they are working for the other side.

      What seems to be manifesting in my opinion is an urgency on the part of wicked powers. They seem to be nervous, anxious, and even desperate to ‘bag’ the uncontrolled opposition. They know they are guilty of the most horrendous crimes and their only desire is to bring all the world under their subjection and quench any potential threat that might be an ember of truth that could grow into an all-consuming fire leading to their destruction.


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