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Christians and Mind Control (A watchman’s call)

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Mind control is not limited to some aberrant or peculiar segment of humanity. It may seem distant and even alien but I believe few if any are immuned to this ‘weapon.’ Yes, mind control has now reached the stage where technological elements have moved the phenomena from ‘voodoo’ to science. The doorway for most will be a traumatic event that changes neurons and thought patterns in the mind. From that entry point, the corridors and closets of the mind are accessible. The only thing separating many from remote neural monitoring and mind control now is a major life change caused by a tragic or catastrophic event. Christians are not exempt from trauma-based mind control. Resistant maybe, but not exempt. – ekk.


MIND WEAPON DARPA – nano technology NAVAL – research laboratory satellite MARYLAND –

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Affect and symptoms of chemtrail spraying.

They are called “The Big 4” and are the 4 most common serious illnesses associated with chemtrails. The list also has over 30 other symptoms caused by chemtrails.

ELF Chemtrail Mind Control

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