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Population Reduction

Charlie Mcgrath gives an intense warning to the possibility of a major event in the immediate or near future. The ‘chatter’ coming from Washington elites is tilling the soil ahead of the plants.

With a number of strategic setbacks and dismal failures from the globalist political sector, it’s possible that they’ve been backed into a corner of desperation and may be forced to play a big card.

Illuminati Population Reduction Game CardAlthough we’ve already seen the destruction of 3 WTC skyscrapers last decade, the card that may be played again is the Illuminati ‘Population Reduction’ game card. Whether the similarities to the buildings on the card to actual, currently existing high-rises is prophetic remains to be seen.

But with all of the recent “shuffling and discarding” of high-ranking military officers in conjunction with very odd and dangerous handling of nuclear warheads going on, a number of people including myself have speculated that the next false flag level after 9/11 may be nuclear.

As for defense, use offense. Be vigilant, be active, be vocal, and be brave.

elijah1757 (12-4-13)

Is “Terror” Event Coming Soon?

Illuminati Population Reduction Card Buildings

Bank of America Plaza, Atlanta

B of A Plaza, Atlanta

Bank of America Plaza Dallas

B of A Plaza, Dallas

Citicorp Bldg, NYC

Citicorp Bldg, NYC

False Flags

Pearl Harbor Attack No Surprise
Roger A. Stolley

Historians are still arguing over whether President Franklin Roosevelt knew in advance that Japanese forces were about to launch a devastating attack against the U.S. Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941.


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