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Hiding From God

Mankind has achieved many accomplishments throughout the course of history and for the most part—as a result of the advancement of technology—good things are accomplished.

DUMB and Tunnels, US


But let us not fool ourselves and neglect or ignore the issues of the surface while delving into the subterranean world. While great works and accomplishments such as the city of Detroit and many others are falling into ruins, trillions of dollars are being spent to build an underground civilization that dwarfs any project mankind has ever attempted including space travel, super-dams, or even our vast network of highways and railways across the country.  (Continued below.)

World’s largest tunneling machine has started digging in Seattle
Birtha Tunnel Boring MachineWorld’s largest tunneling machine

“Bertha,” is the world’s largest tunnel boring machine: an Earth Pressure Balance (EPB) Shield developed by Herrenknecht AG.

Mainly for use in soft ground, like a giant earthworm, this thing’s an earth-devouring beast: It’s 326 feet long and weighs 7,000 tons. The EPB keeps an equal rate of soil removal and forward movement to ensure the soft ground overhead stays in place. It uses a combination of tungsten carbide cutting bits, carbide disc cutters and hard rock disc cutters to bore away.

Bertha was built in Japan and arrived by ship in April in 41 pieces. It was reassembled in a pit near the CenturyLink Field and Safeco Field stadiums. It’s price was $80 million

via World’s largest tunneling machine has started digging in Seattle – First People Solutions Blog.

No humanitarian logic can be found in this action or behavior. The only logic is the inhumane actions of the global elites attempt to create an underground world in an effort to escape something they know is coming upon the world.

While the inhabitants of the world sink deeper and deeper into a chaotic abyss of crime, poverty, corruption, immorality, and decay, the elite globalist bankers, financiers, industrialists, oligarchs, and monarchs spill the blood of the people for the preservation of their own luxury and indulgences.

Illuminati Symbolism (Synagogue of Satan)

Just as the slaves died between the stones of the rising Egyptian pyramids, so do the struggling laborers of today die between the Illuminati’s ‘monumental masonic pyramid’ as they build their underground world.

It really does give testimony to the fear that these Luciferian practitioners live in. Yes, they are attempting to hide from something coming upon the world, but there is no escaping the Arm of the Lord Almighty.

by Keith Kampschaefer 8/21/2013

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