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Wizards or Lizards

(Initial disclaimer: the title is not meant to represent a belief in “reptilians” of the human race. Whether there are demonic entities that resemble reptilians, that is not beyond the stretch of the imagination.)

11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them. – Eph 5:11 NKJV

The Elite and Base PyramidBrothers and sisters, I encourage you to watch/listen to these four videos.

The world as you perceive it is not what it seems to be. There has been a concerted effort to deceive humanity for the purpose of enslavement and death. This has always been the goal of Satan and his efforts have never ceased since he was cast out of heaven.

Evil Elite GrimesBut in the last several centuries, he (Satan) has become much stronger and now possesses the political powers and ruling class of this world. These people have sold their souls to Satan for the riches of this temporal world. They are the elite class of ultra-wealthy families whose bloodlines have intermingled in arranged marriages for centuries.

In these bloodlines are the owners of banking and petroleum cartels as well as extremely wealthy industrialists and financiers whose purse strings control the puppet-heads of nearly every nation on earth.

Their ultimate goal under the influence of Satan is world domination and a one-world, totalitarian rule of government with the few chosen elite at the top dictating to the whole of an enslaved humanity below.

We are not likely to change the ultimate outcome of Satan’s diabolical plan as this plan is actually a hook in his nose that is being pulled along by Almighty God. Satan thinks his plan in proceeding nicely and he may envision his victorious takeover and rule of God’s people on earth.

But Satan’s plan has already been exposed and written down in the Word of God, the Bible, and though he is well along the timeline for ultimate control, he is ignorant to the ultimate demise that awaits him.

Unplugging from the Matrix

Matrix Unplugged

But for us, we need to realize how much we’ve been deceived and wake up to the truth of the dire state of humanity and how far so many of us have been led astray from the truth.

This collection of audio/videos, though rather lengthy, will pull back the curtain and expose the satanic operators pulling the levers and controls of world events.

Wizards or LizardsYes, the Wizard of Oz, who hides behind the curtain off to the side of the stage, pulling the levers of lies, manipulation, and deceit, is representative of  the hidden powers of this world. These evil powers of darkness are not the Wizards of Oz, but the lizards of Lucifer, the servants of Satan, the fallen one.

Lord Jesus Christ, help us!


2013 Illuminati Explained …IT is REAL – Explains the Conspiracy and the Evidence

Forbidden Knowledge – History of the Khazar Empire – Lecture by Jack Otto

William Guy Carr – The Pawns in the Game Speech

9/11 Pentagon Attack – Behind the Smoke Curtain – Barbara Honegger

Wizards or Lizards

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