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USA Emblems Decoded (Opened)

Here are just a few emblems, seals, and symbols that have been used by different departments and agencies of the US government.

Some of these may no longer be in use but the hidden or duplicitous design is still evident.

First, a few frequently used symbols that are common in many of the emblems and seals as well as a short lesson on numerical meaning related to secret societies and the occult such as the number thirteen (13).

Scale Occult HermeneuticsThe Scale – The balance scale has historically been used as a symbol for justice and equality which is derived from its actual use as a tool for measuring the equality of weight between two portions or contents. But the secret societies in the occult operate in the dark to control both sides of the force or issue.
 S1KEYThe Key – The key often represents security or knowledge as in the key to a lock or the key to a solution. But in the occult Luciferian underworld, the key represents illumination and knowledge of hidden things as well as the double meaning of words, numbers, and symbols.
Mason's Square - Hermeneutical OccutlThe Builder’s Square – The mason’s or carpenter’s square may be used to represent accuracy and “trueness” in function, form, or service. This symbol is use repetitively in many US government seals and emblems. But if the angles are actually measured according to true geometrics, they are extremely inaccurate and inconsistent. Not only are the angles not 90º as are the angles or corners of a perfect square or rectangle, the inside and outside angles may not be the same. A tilted square effects the viewing perspective thus attributing a change in dimension to the square rather than using actual geometrical points. This is the ‘excuse’ for the inaccuracy but in the occult, the design is intentional.
In the following graphic of a Treasury Seal on a US one dollar bill from 1862, the square was likely created with a nearly perfect 90º angle. This is very telling to the pervasiveness of Freemasonry and secret societies in the US government and is further evidence of their increased corruption and sorcery.

A Treasury seal on a US $1 bill from 1862 showing a true square.
1862 US Dollar Treasury sealgraphic

A few U.S. Government Agencies using the above symbols

US Seal, Scale, Square, Key on shield

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