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Game on!



If you haven’t been made aware of the Illuminati Deck of Cards or Illuminati Playing Card Deck, I encourage you to watch this video.

As events unfold around the world and the global elite maneuver their way into position to take over the world,  you’ll see the striking parallels to the different Illuminati Cards that comprise the entire deck or story.

Everything from the Twin Towers to the Boston Marathon Bombing are eerily forecasted in this comprehensive storyline of events.

You will begin to understand that the events that have transpired are not random tragedies, accidents, or actions but are planned executions that the evil powers have laid out in a step by step process to gain complete control of the world and the people thereof.

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Most Significant Cards (Compilation In progress/Incomplete)
Not in any specific order

Fukishima Disaster


Card Caption: Disaster! This is an Instant Attack to Destroy any Coastal Place. It does not require an action. Its Power is 16 against a Huge Place, 20 against any other Place, but 24 against JAPAN or CALIFORNIA. If the attack succeeds, the target is Devastated, if it succeeds by more than 6, the target is Destroyed. Or play at any time to give +10 to any attack to destroy the Robot Sea Monster or the Nuclear Power Companies!

Godzilla is recognized as a Japan caricature. So the Fukishimi Reactor Catastrophe caused by a ‘coastal’ tsunami was likely initiated by the NWO/Illuminati in connection with this card. Many scientist allude to HAARP technology having the ability to trigger earthquakes.

Game on!

Mother’s Day Parade Shooting (New Orleans)
Mothers MarchCard Caption: Play this card when any Attack to Destroy is successful. The attacker must try the roll again immediately, at a -4 penalty. No player may do anything else to change the strength of the re-rolled attack. Use of this card requires an action by any group with a Power of at least 3. – INWO Card title: Mother’s March

The very recent domestic chaos event at the Mother’s Day Parade in New Orleans seems to resemble the INWO MOTHER’S MARCH. Though specifics are vague, the title of the card alone, ‘MOTHER’S MARCH’ is indicative of a Mother’s Day Parade.

mother's day shooter

Click to enlarge

What is significant in this to the trained eye is the blatant, pre-planned camera implementation capturing nearly the entire event with the shooter performing ‘center stage.’

Just as in the recent Boston Marathon Bombing False Flag Operation, cameras are once again the underlying agenda. In this event, pay close attention to the rhetoric pertaining to security cameras.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

The media’s approved or set talking point in this event is the “blurry surveillance camera images.” This obviously points to the underlying agenda of more and better surveillance cameras wanted throughout society.

The image to the left is a ‘Google’ search results page with the search phrase, “Referring to blurry surveillance camera images of the mass shooting, Serpas”. The lead or approved talking point or focus point is the security camera, specifically the “blurry surveillance camera.”

This is obvious evidence of the underlying agenda being an effort to institute more and higher quality surveillance cameras throughout society.

The reason for this is more sinister than you can imagine and in which I hope to elaborate on in another post.


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One comment on “Game on!

  1. elijah1757
    December 26, 2013

    Reblogged this on Uncontrolled Opposition and commented:

    Is the Illuminati real? Is weather control real? Is the 9/11 an act of war or an act of deception? Is Fukishima the ‘ATOMIC MONSTER’? You be the judge!


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