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DFW Skylink

Taken for a Ride

The last two times I’ve connected at DFW International, my flight departure gate has been moved requiring me to ride the Skylink all the way back past my original boarding point—nearly twice around the complete 9 minute course.
DFW Skylink
In other words, if I had known what gate the departure flight was moved/changed to, the correct Skylink entry/exit gate would have been one gate backward instead of nearly a complete ride around to the incorrect gate and then reboarding for another complete ride back around to the correct gate.

It will be interesting to see what happens at my next visit?

Skylink is an automated people mover system operating at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport DFW. It is an application of the Bombardier Innovia APM 200 system manufactured by Bombardier Transportation, and continues to be maintained and operated by Bombardier. When it opened, it was the worlds largest airport train system.[1] Sixty-four Skylink trains are in service at DFW.

Skylink was developed as a replacement for the Airtrans APM, the airports original people mover system that connected airport facilities and parking lots. As DFW became a large connecting hub for flights, Airtrans which was slow and followed a uni-directional loop was inefficient in moving passengers.[2]

The system was opened in Spring 2005 and is completely automated. Skylink trains run every two minutes and travel at speeds up to 35–37 mph 56–60 km/h.[3][4][5]

The Skylink system is airside at DFW, serving passengers connecting between flights. There is no need to leave security and be re-screened when switching terminals. The system is only accessible airside and cannot be accessed by those not arriving at DFW or who have not cleared security. Arriving International passengers who are not pre-cleared; e.g. Canada who are connecting clear US CBP formalities and are then security screened before access to the terminals. Departing international passengers connecting from domestic or pre-cleared international flights do not need to be re-screened.

The longest trip between farthest stations is 9 minutes with an average 5 minute journey. This allows most passengers to make a connection from any one flight to another in around seven minutes, not including walking time to and from the stations.[6]


via DFW Skylink – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

DFW Skylink

6:35 Mark

DFW Skylink

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