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The Bean Dream *

* This is a recording of an actual dream with very slight embellishments for readability and clarification.

Hallowed Hedge baked beansI had a very vivid and memorable dream last night (2/10/13) about being in a discount supermarket. As I was browsing the aisles, a gentlemen came by and conveyed to me that he was looking for some baked beans to serve to a gathering of people. A particular brand of baked beans soon came to mind and I began looking at the shelves that contained canned beans of different varieties and quantities.

I looked on the top shelf and saw the large, institutional-sized cans that had baked beans in them. These cans were very similar to 1 gallon paint cans in that on the top there was a removal tin lid that could be popped out to open the can. The odd thing though was, that all of the large cans seemed very old, somewhat dirty and dusty, and even rusted in some instances. Several of these large cans that had the removable lid were not sealed completely, as if over time the lids had become ill-fitted and worked loose.

Institutional BeansI then looked into one of the cans to view the contents and at the top or surface was what appeared to be an inch or two of oil above the beans below. The beans appeared perfectly fine and seemed no different from a can of kidney beans one might open fresh from the grocery today. I pushed the lid down tight and thought that these large cans of beans might be okay but then I changed my mind and told the gentleman that he ought not to serve these because the quality and safety could not be determined assuredly. He agreed and went on to look for something else that might work.

Though I was disheartened that all of these large, institutional-sized canned beans including baked beans, white beans, and brown (pinto) beans were probably going to have to be discarded, I continued to browse the nearby aisles for a good choice as well. As I moved on down toward the end of the aisle, I saw a small stack of the 15 ounce, no. 2-size can of beans in full-case, cardboard flats. I recognized the name as being a quality brand but the label was not something I had seen before. These beans, in 24 cans per case, were a special production of beans with a unique blend of seasonings. The labels were kind of light, creamed color with a fancy, dark, nearly black lettering that conveyed a sense of quality, originality, and unique flavor that—to me—made them desirable. I immediately decided to purchase as many of these full-case allotments of beans as I could afford. Thankfully—or regrettably—there were only a few cases left which was all I could afford, anyway. But I did take all of these that I could find and put them in my shopping cart.

Bobs 13 Bean Mix

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As I continued shopping the area, a nice couple came by pushing a shopping cart and I saw the woman take an odd-looking package from the bean shelf several shelves down from the top shelf. The package looked somewhat like a plain-white cereal box only a bit thinner and had attached to it on the outside, a packaged of assorted or mixed beans which included split pea, navy, pinto, lima, garbonzo, kidney, and many other varieties that I wasn’t familiar with. This very friendly lady seemed to know just what she was looking for and must have been a regular shopper of beans at this store. As she shared with me briefly her cooking knowledge, her husband behind her quietly leaned with his elbows resting on the cart handle.

Bean Box SeasoningAs they moved on, I glanced back at the shelf and saw that there were only a few of these odd combo packs of mixed beans left and I immediately grabbed what was left and put them in my shopping cart. I was curious what was in the plain white box that the package of mixed beans was attached to and I was able to open the box just at the corner and saw what looked like a small onion or possibly a garlic pod. I then determined that the box contained all sorts of spices such as dried peppers, bay leaves, root spices, cinnamon sticks, cloves, garlic, and seeds such as celery, sesame, barley, sunflower, and mustard seed.

cases of white beansAs I continued on happy that I had found these great products, the gentleman that was looking for the baked beans came by with a shopping cart containing several full cases of the regular-sized cans of baked beans. He seemed very pleased that he found what he was looking for and I was glad for him as well because the brand of baked beans he had found was the same brand as I had found with only a slightly different label. I felt very confident that the baked beans this gentleman was going to serve to his guest would go over very well and receive noticeable compliments.

Soon, I found myself near the checkout lanes and had a strange encounter with a young, male, clerk. This young man was rude and sarcastic and seemed to be mocking me in a personal way as if he’d been told something about me. I don’t remember responding to him in any way and continued on to the check-out lane.

As I entered the check-out lane, I was met by what I assumed to be the owner of the store running the cash register. This somewhat older, very kind gentleman greeted me graciously and made a subtle remark about the young clerk, as if he was aware of this boy’s issue. The owner’s kind eyes seemed quite sure of himself and gave me a sense of peace to just dismiss the incident as nothing more than ignorance; that the young boy did not—or perhaps could or would not—understand.

As I finished my transaction with this kind gentlemen at the checkout lane, he began asking me about a construction project he was working on. He was building a small storage building for the supermarket to store empty soda-pop bottles and other things in. He asked me about a few materials and what type of trailer he would need to have to haul these materials with. We agreed that a 16 foot steel trailer with steel-grid sides would be best to keep anything from falling out.

Toward the end of our conversation, he made a strange request to me and asked me if I could pick up all of the 7 foot boards or 2×4’s. I found out that the seven-foot boards were for the side-wall studs and questioned him about the height. He explained to me that the building didn’t need to be ‘that’ tall as the soda-pop bottle cases could only be stacked about chest-height only. I thought, well that makes perfect sense and did not belabor the point. I then told him I would pick up the 7 foot boards but then realized that I really didn’t have an adequate vehicle to pick these boards up with. I told him I didn’t have a truck and he said he would pick the boards up with the trailer.

Shortly thereafter, I found my self unloading and stacking construction material which is the conclusion of the my recollection of the dream.

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144 cans of beans

A dozen per tribe, Hallelujah! Remember the 5 loaves and 2 fish?


I viewed the contents & at the surface was what appeared to be an inch or two of oil above the beans below. The beans appeared to be perfectly fine & seemed no different than a can of kidney beans opened fresh from the grocery today, though they would likely be discarded.

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