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Sly with the Sky

Electronic Harassment: Dr. John Hall, George Noory

Satellite Compilation Graphic

Electronic Harassment via Satellite Systems

An excerpt from a Coast to Coast AM radio program discussing Electronic Harassment. Host George Noory with Dr. John Hall, who in considered an expert in the movement to expose and abolish the secret torture of human beings around the globe by the use of “hidden” technologies of electronic weaponry and satellite surveillance and assault.

In addition to his knowledge of electronic weaponry, Dr. John Hall—having experienced being a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL himself—also reveals the secret culture of organized, systematic, predatory gangstalking and psychological torture interwoven with the more advanced element of electronic harassment.

This video compilation shows evidence of gang stalking behavior, which is more evidential and visible than the “invisible” electronic harassment. In addition to the electronic harassment and criminal gangstalking topics, this video also suggest the use of powerful, high-tech, radar, satellite, and antenna array systems to manipulate weather for political purposes. Dr. John Hall mentions one system in particular, which has the capability to be used for the harassment and control of citizens, that being HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program).

It is important to realize that so many of the major “headline-grabbing” events in the current and recent decades, as well as historical for that matter, are not random, “accidental” occurences, but rather planned, organized, and scripted productions to influence the political, social, and economic agenda of the world’s corrupt, evil elite. As you watch this video of electronic harassment and gangstalking, a scrolling banner of search terms related to this topic will provide material for further research, study, and verification. A brief, disclaimer; there is much disinformation on this topic to ‘murk’ up the waters so listen with your heart and soul for those who speak with the spirit of truth.

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Keith Kampschaefer


Covert Electronic Harassment: George Noory Host Dr. John Hall on Coast to Coast AM


Weather Control Cloud

Actual photo of weather manipulation by Keith Kampschaefer

Sly with the Sky

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